Opening up the investment potential of Thailand, communicate through world-class media.   Ministry of Industry                   The construction of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), the main target group is to communicate with the media in Asia. To publicize the project Combined with the creation of activities and promote business matching between Thailand and Japan with a grand opening event to reflect the role of economic areas supporting various investments.                       Results of Powerful public relations causing enormous investment in the EEC area, stimulating employment in the area and various projects for the development of quality personnel to support the industrial sector.


A business seminar with world-class experts.NEA                       An activity that enables exchanging ideas for business operations to align with the way how the world changes. DITP has received a great honor from “Jack Ma” notably as the founder of Alibaba to join; exchanging experiences and guiding entrepreneurs on how to run their business.                      Without doubt, given the honor from Jack Ma to join, it has caught and attracted huge attention from the media. The challenge lies when we need to control the directions of the event as well as the message passed towards the media. JC&CO has carefully imposed the directions of such information along with suitable public relation tools, resulting in DITP still having clear roles.                    


Curating the creative district, heating up the creativity trend through new ways of thinking       Bangkok Design Week                   An eye-catching event that designers from all around the places are waiting for: Bangkok Design Week! With the open stage of creativity in Bangkok. All done to reflect the uniqueness of each area. For those who are interested, sightseeing can be done throughout the Charoen Krung road.                      To reflect and highlight out these activities, JC&CO have designed the public relations tools along with a wide usage of media. This includes, influencers – which helped to make the event stand out more. As a result, the event has created a whole bunch of buzz not only for the Thai media, but foreign media as well!    


Creative city, Chiang Mai: a place where hipsters can’t miss posting a shot on Instagram!Chiang Mai Design Week 2018                        Chiang Mai Design Week, a festival showcasing design innovations or projects that matches the way how people live. The festival has combined different activities and exhibitions displayed around the city. However, publicly only through the mass media may be too inadequate to match the different dimensions shown.                        One of the key strategies used by JC&CO for this event was through Influencers. Through deep media analyses: influencers had passed through the activities successfully. The outcome for this method was that followers of these influencers would want to imitate the trends that these influencers have


When online communication goes wrong                 TCAS                         With the development of technology that results in an advancement in online systems. The majority of organizations have chosen “online platforms” to pass on their information to reach the right target group easier. However, this “closeness” has created a big impact when a crisis communication approaches. When the board of president from Universities of Thailand launched the new online admission system, TCAS that caught the whole attention of online media.                        JC&CO planned the publicity method that aligned to the crisis that had happened. This is done through the use of mass media that aimed to explain to parents about the new admission system along with educational influencers. All are done to reach high school students to prepare their readiness for admission exams.


First Brand Ambassador of Citibank, Thailand CITIBANK       Citigold is one of the most superior investment services from Citibank. Introducing “Sukwan Bulakul” as the first ambassador of Citibank to communication out the brand image which had gained huge interested by the media.                       It goes beyond and over the typical communication strategy. It relied hefty on entertainment and event launching. JC&CO have used public relation strategies that present a new choice for women in the new generations to plan out the way of how to spend and use money, though the identity of this brand ambassador. Wanting to match investments to be something close to us when assets are taken care of by experts from Citibank.

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Good PR isn’t always about gaining media coverage: it’s about reaching the right people. But if you can have both here, Why not!?" To avoid the cacophony of noise across today’s fluid communication channels, engagement with the marketplace and stakeholders must be strategic and purposeful in order to be effective. To protect organizational reputation, mitigate risk, build brand awareness, or diffuse a crisis, we offer guidance principled in consistent, clear communication and strong brand positioning. Our in-house experts who deliver communications strategies for every scenario.


"Reputations are valuable. A good reputation is hard earned over a long period and takes effort to sustain." Businesses and other organizations not only need a strong corporate narrative that tells their story in a compelling way, but they must also be prepared to find and try new ways of doing so over time, engaging their target audiences through different channels, and using a range of tools unheard of even a few years ago. That's how valuable reputations are maintained.


"We take your messages to journalists and analysts, amplifying your presence to the public." Facing a media interview is more challenging than ever. Broadcast media are catering to a largely cynical audience, with a short attention span – and one ill-judged comment can be beamed around the world in seconds, becoming a social media meme and doing untold damage to corporate and personal reputations, to say nothing of share prices. Media strategy is a specialist service, but cannot be ‘bolted on’. It is a core part of our integrated comms offer, ensuring that those few minutes in front of the camera are an opportunity to be seized, not feared.


"We expect to see this trend continue and reach fever pitch. From celebrities to micro-influencers" Today’s media is 24 hours, with more messages, more channels and more noise than ever before. For businesses and organisations, it’s getting harder to get attention. Journalists and producers at newspapers and broadcasters are an important audience, yet in an increasingly digitally-driven world, bloggers, podcasters, industry analysts, commentators, consumers, celebrities, and those with large social media presences, cannot be ignored. Media and influencer relations is built on a foundation of strategic targeting, planning, and building community. While having a great story is important, you need to reach the right people to get the story told - engagement is crucial.


"You want your brand messege to have maximum impact"We understand that success isn’t achieved by chance, it takes thorough stakeholder research to build a framework which will resonate with your audience. Your brand identity is important, but without an in depth positioning review your beautifully engaging brand visuals may fall on deaf ears. A positioning strategy will give you the competitive edge required to boost your customer base.


“Whether paid or organic, we tell your story through social networks in ways that build strong brand relationships” Social channel ecosystems. Paid media. Influencer marketing. These are not just table-stakes for us because we are digital natives and social creatures. Our data-led approach to digital communications and social media is at the very core of what we do. It bolsters business objectives, helps define and refine what brand success looks like, and blends creative content with vital measurement tools.

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